Pam Schwingl, PhD

Chair of the Governance Committee

Retired Epidemiologist
Co-owner of White Swan Farm & Forge

Pam is a retired Epidemiologist, a farmer, an activist, volunteer, and grandmother to two beautiful boys. She and her husband love to visit with their daughter and son in Brooklyn and Boston. and to grow and cook food and tend to a peaceable kingdom of donkeys, sheep, chickens, turkeys, geese and barn cats,  Pam began many years ago as a volunteer at the Durham Donation Station.  SHe loved the idea of bringing the Farmer into the picture of Food Access.  People need good, healthy food and farmers need markets for raising good, healthy food. A perfect match! She spent her last working-for-pay years investigating and bringing to light the gaps in our regulation of pesticides.

Term: May 2021, served since June 2017

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