Darin Knapp, PhD

Vice-Chair of the Board
Associate Director for Faculty Development in Research, UNC | Owner, Ramblerill Farm

Darin has been a volunteer, donor/sustainer, Board member and Board Chair during his 10 years as a supporter of Farmer Foodshare. His partner Jane Saiers and he also run RambleRill Farm in Hillsborough, a Certified Organic produce, eggs and mushroom farm selling to and educating the public. He has served on numerous non-profit and corporate boards and is a Slow Money supporter and advocate for local small businesses in the food and farming sector. Dr. Knapp received his PhD in Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience following his graduate work in Behavioral and Neuropharmacology at Rutgers University. He completed his postdoctoral work at the University of North Carolina before assuming a faculty position where he continued research into the behavioral neurobiology of addiction. Currently he is an adjunct Associate Professor and the Associate Director for Faculty Development in Research at the Center for Faculty Excellence at UNC.

May 2023, served since December 2020, also 2010-2016

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